As an organisation, fundraising is crucial for Redbridge Carers Support Service to be able to continue the work we do supporting carers in Redbridge. 1 in 8 adults (around 6.5 million people) are carers, who save the economy £132 billion per year, an average of £19,336 per carer. It is estimated that there are 27,000 – 30,000 carers in Redbridge, 10% of the population. This figure is rising every year, 1:5 people will become carers in some point in their life. The reality is most of us will end up caring for someone we love. 

(Source: Carers UK)

Fundraising Ideas

There are lots of ways to fundraise – here are just a few ideas to get you started.  Always be clear about who you are fundraising for and let the charity know what you are doing.  We are happy to provide you with free stickers with our logo on when you are fundraising for RCSS.

Bake Sale

Bake sales are easy, fun and everyone can get involved.  Bake and sell some cakes, biscuits, pastries, buns or anything that takes your imagination and donate the funds raised.  You can set up a stall at a fete, fair or local event, sell to family or friends or even take a walk around your workplace or set up a bake table.

Penny Bottle

Have an easily accessible bottle where people can drop in loose change – you’ll be surprised how quickly this mounts up.  Label the bottle with the name of the charity you are raising funds for.  The bottle can be at home, work or with permission in your local shop. 

Sponsored walk or activity

Do something active to get fit and raise funds.  Get together with some friends and take a walk around your local park or open space.  Set a target for how many steps taken over a week (use your smart device or get a cheap pedometer), as you go about your daily routine. Arrange a guided walk around your local landmarks.  Do something crazy like dressing up in silly costumes and taking a stroll down your high street- this is a great opportunity to shake a bucket and attract donations.  You can cycle, roller skate or dog walk – the possibilities are endless. 


One of the easiest ways to fundraise with an added incentive of prize winning.  Ask friends and family to donate unwanted gifts to raffle. local shops and businesses will often give away stock, vouchers or discounts for a good cause.  You can also use your tasty bakes as prizes.  Raffle tickets can be 50p or a £1 each.  Try to hold an event to draw the prize winners or film the draw and share on social media


Go green and recycle your old tech, furniture, clothing, toys etc.  Lots of online companies will pay for old smartphones and tech (make sure you remove all of your data and factory reset beforehand!).  Online auction sites are easy to sell items on. Alternatively, hold a buy and sell event.  This can be a table or stall anywhere you have permission to set up.

Charity Challenge

Any fun activity to get the grey matter working.  Encourage your friends or work colleagues to bring in a picture of themselves as a baby or child and post them up on a board.  Charge a pound a go to guess who’s who.  What about holding a quiz night at your local pub or karaoke sing off session?  Try to guess how many sweets are in the jar – winner takes all.  Arts and crafts are always popular – card making, flower arranging, decorating ceramics like cups, plates and vases.  You can approach local art suppliers and shops for free materials. Just charge a small fee to take part. 


Get any permissions you need before holding your fundraiser e.g. to set up a stall or display a donations tin. Don’t forget to ask people if they mind having their picture taken or being filmed if you plan on using social media.  Keep safe, if you’re doing anything physical make sure you warm up first and drink plenty of water.  Keep a record of what you have raised – a sponsorship sheet to record names and amounts pledged will do.  (We can provide you with these).  Encourage people to sign up for Gift Aid.  Thank everyone for taking part and finally, feel good that you have done something amazing to support your cause.

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