Telecare – Assisted technology is available for installation in the home to help promote independent living.  This includes bed and chair sensors, fall detectors and property exit sensors, alongside monitors that detect potentially dangerous situations such as smoke, fire, carbon monoxide and gas.  The various Telecare sensors are linked to the Lifeline alarm service and are monitored by Redbridge Control Centre staff who will arrange help when the sensors are triggered. You can ask the Council for an assessment to see if you are eligible for support to have assisted technology in your home.  If you do not want to be assessed by the Council you can contact Redbridge Lifeline directly.

Please note, Lifeline and Telecare services may be free of charge if you are on certain eligible benefits or you have been assessed as eligible by the Council, (including a financial assessment).  If you do have to pay for the service you can find details of the costs and more information can be found on this website Redbridge Adult Social Services (My Life).

For more information look at Redbridge Lifeline and Telecare Services.