Getting help for the person you care for

If the person you care for needs more support or you need a break from caring either you or the person you care for can contact your local Council and ask for a Needs Assessment.  The Needs Assessment should look at the support needs of the person being cared for regardless of any help you are providing as a carer.  Your Council will use the national eligibility criteria to determine if someone is eligible for support services, including help with personal care, getting out in the community, staying safe and accessing work, education and volunteering opportunities.  The assessment will look at how a person’s needs affect their wellbeing and quality of life.  As a carer you can get involved in the assessment process with the consent of the person you care for.  Try to be honest about the support you provide and any impact this has on you.  Remember, it should never be assumed that you are able or happy to provide care, be clear about what you are willing to do.

If someone is eligible for support a care plan will be agreed explaining what the person’s care needs are and how they will be met. Once the care plan has been agreed the person being cared for should get a copy. If this has not been done, make sure you request a copy. Someone eligible to receive care and support will also be financially assessed to see whether they need to pay for all or some of their support.  The financial assessment will look at the person’s income and capital, (savings, investments etc), and take into account any day to day outgoings and disability related expenditure.