I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to RCSS. My life changed completely, and everything is looking positive now. I finally have won after numerous appeals to seek asylum and finally have leave to remain immigration rights. I started this journey with RCSS in 2015 and since now they have supported me on various issues such as social services, housing, building my confidence, counselling and fighting to get special needs school for my son. 


I have accessed RCSS since 2015 and at that time I was going through really difficult time with domestic violence from my estranged husband with Mental Health Condition and my son diagnosis of Autism. My life seemed meaningless and I felt so unhappy, the worst was I did not know what I can do more to help myself and my son.


It was then I was told about RCSS, I was in tears at that time and never thought I could come out from that. I had gone through tremendous stress in my life before I’ve met Rani Raju at RCSS. She is the best person I’ve seen in my life and she listened to all my problems. She made me smile showing kindness and care. I am really blessed to have her as a New Arrival Project Manager. 


I had strong support from RCSS in moving myself and my son to a safer accommodation and RCSS gave me the courage as not be frightened by DV. I was then referred to Counselling sessions which helped me to build confidence and made me stronger.  RCSS also offered Therapy sessions, day trips with my autistic child , as well as training opportunity to work with them as a volunteer member of staff.


Their referral to Hatton Special Needs Schools changed my son’s life too, he is now receiving the right support. I feel over the moon that after a long battle we are successful with our immigration. RCSS also supported me with my DLA tribunals and I won the appeal as well for my son to receive DLA. Now I and my son are happy, and we are optimistic for a beautiful future. I am so pleased with all the staff members and sponsors for RCSS . Thank you so much for making a positive difference you have made to me and my son. Zafar and I couldn’t have been where we are today without you RCSS!

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