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This project supports carers and their families from some of the most marginalised communities, including carers who are newly arrived into the country or asylum seekers. We offer a variety of events including health and wellbeing activities, IT and English classes, to help carers gain confidence to communicate and integrate into their communities.

We are working with carers and their families who speak around 18 different community languages. Their ages range from 20 to 80 years but their profiles differ from other carers being supported by RCSS in many ways, some obvious and some not so obvious. The support they need is often intense, immediate and complicated.

Language is a barrier for this group of carers, so we have a long established ‘Conversation Club’, which is not just about language but also integration and empowerment. It is also a place to gain peer support, socialise and make friends.

The support accessed by newly arrived carers and their families is built on trust, many of them suffered hardship and fear in their countries of origin. Here they are also facing many complex issues, including homelessness and eviction, immigration status, lack of employment opportunities, lack of benefits (no recourse to public funds). They can also struggle to access key statutory support such as mental health services.

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