Bridie's Story

Bridie is in her 70s and is caring for her husband, Pat who has vascular dementia. Pat is often restless, has boundless energy and needs constant supervision.  When Bridie first joined RCSS she was feeling isolated. overwhelmed and in need of support.  She began attending our monthly dementia support group and got talking to the other carers.  Bridie soon made friends and gained useful information about local services.  We helped Bridie to access key entitlements including Attendance Allowance and encouraged her and Pat to join some of our activities.  Finding suitable activities was difficult for Bridie initially, as Pat often became restless after 10 or 15 minutes and wanted to leave.  We continued to encourage them, eventually finding that Pat enjoyed sporting activities like walking football and anything musical.  We helped them to join Green Candle’s Remember to Dance project, which they both loved, and they now attend our weekly Movement to Music exercise class.  They are also part of a walking group at Valentines Park.  Bridie says she is much happier now and although there are still difficult days she knows she is not alone and there is usually something to look forward to.  We still see them both at our monthly support group.